HVAC Smart Maintenance

Most HVAC maintenance programs and monthly subscription services are the same. Most are designed, sold, and implemented with the contractor in mind. In other words, the contractor wins no matter what. We’re turning that model on its head.

Our HVAC Smart Maintenance service gives our customers visibility and access to never before seen operation and efficiency data regarding their aging HVAC systems. From Avondale to Apache Junction and from Gilbert to Glendale, residents all across the Valley of the Sun will soon have a way to make decisions regarding repairing or replacing their AC systems based on verifiable third party alerts triggered by the real time data collected by our smart system.

Our partners at Sensi Predict liken it to “a check engine light” for your AC system. Wonder and worry no more.

“A New Way To Be Cool” with Sensi Predict

Using the Sense Predict smart monitoring system gives you access to real time data from your HVAC system. This predictive maintenance solution incorporates 10 strategic on-board sensors to continuously analyze and diagnose minor deficiencies that could be easily addressed before major failures occur.

Dl Sensi Predict Hub

Customer-facing HVAC data includes:

  • Energy usage and efficiency
  • Average daily cost of your heating and cooling
  • Heating and cooling runtime
  • Predictive system failure alerts
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Stay Comfortable for Less

In addition to monitoring for and alerting equipment problems that can turn into costly, untimely emergencies, HVAC Smart Maintenance provides savings in other ways:

  • Only schedule maintenance when you really need it
  • Extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Spend less on fewer repairs
  • Reduce year-round energy costs

HVAC Smart Maintenance Plans

Exciting plans coming soon!

Ask Us About HVAC Smart Maintenance

State 48 Home Services proudly serves the diverse home comfort needs of all its neighbors in the greater Phoenix area. As a growing, locally-owned company, we strive to exceed the expectations of everyone we meet. The newest technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity to help tens of thousands of Arizonans a year save money and avoid hardship associated with untimely AC failures. We are extremely excited about this service and can’t wait to speak with you about it.

“It’s like having a highly qualified HVAC technician inspecting my equipment all the time, every day without actually having someone in my house. It’s incredibly affordable peace of mind; I know exactly where to go to get my information anytime I want it. I have very old AC systems that I need to last a little while longer. This monitoring product is very important to me.” – Dennis G., Peoria, AZ

Ready to put the anxiety caused by your old, unreliable AC behind you, but not quite ready for a complete system replacement? There’s a better way. Ask us about HVAC Smart Maintenance by calling (623) 236-5086 or send us a message here: