Air Conditioning Services in Glendale

Imagine having no air conditioner when the thermostat reaches 106 degrees in July. Sadly, if you live in Glendale, Arizona, you may find yourself in this situation if you don’t properly maintain your home’s HVAC system. Furthermore, if the home’s system is aging, consider replacing it before the system fails completely.

By being proactive, homeowners can ensure their system is functioning when they need it most. State 48 Home Services assists customers with all their HVAC needs. When you need AC replacement, maintenance, or want to install a new system, we are here to help. 

AC Maintenance

State 48 Home Services remains committed to keeping clients comfortable all year long. Every HVAC system in Glendale requires regular maintenance to work optimally. Furthermore, manufacturers often require this maintenance to keep a unit’s warranty in effect.

We help clients maintain their systems regardless of that system’s age with air conditioner maintenance.  An annual service benefits newer systems by protecting the warranty coverage and detecting problems early. The same service extends the life of older units, saving the owner money.

Air Conditioner Repair

HVAC systems in Glendale, Arizona, experience a lot of wear and tear. The average homeowner in America uses their air conditioner for three months every year. Homeowners in Glendale find they need to run the HVAC system eight months of the year to remain comfortable in their homes. 

Because of this usage, the system will need an AC repair at times. The owner may worry they will need to replace the system. However, our technicians can repair most units. 

Repairing the unit requires the services of a highly skilled and trained HVAC technician. State 48 Home Services employs certified technicians knowledgeable in handling any HVAC repair. They will repair the unit or tell you if it makes more sense financially to replace the system. 

Mini-Split Systems

When the time comes to replace the HVAC system, homeowners find they have options. Some property owners choose ductless AC installation for the entire home. However, many others choose this option as an additional system for areas of the home that don’t cool adequately.

For example, most garages today don’t have ductwork. If a homeowner spends a significant amount of time in the garage, they want to remain comfortable. A mini-split system is a perfect solution for cooling this area of the home. 

Homeowners love the fact they don’t need to cool the entire home when they are only using one or two rooms. They can keep these rooms at a comfortable temperature. When they move to a different room, they turn the thermostat up in the room they are leaving and down in the room they plan to enter. 

Our technicians in Glendale, AZ, work with clients to find the right solutions for their needs. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, as we recognize what works for one person won’t be appropriate for another. Schedule an appointment today, and we’ll be happy to assess your system and make recommendations for improvements to keep your home cool regardless of the temperature outside.