Air Conditioning Services in Surprise

If you live in Surprise, Arizona, you know the importance of a functioning HVAC system. People want to be comfortable in their homes, and this is only possible with air conditioning. Fortunately, residents of this city know where to turn when they need help with the air conditioner in their homes. 

AC Repair

Failing to act quickly when an HVAC system shows signs of problems leads to higher repair bills. The HVAC system works to cool the home, and a problem won’t resolve itself. In fact, any malfunctioning component in the system affects other components. This can lead to the early failure of multiple parts or the entire system. 

Call State 48 Home Services as soon as you suspect your HVAC system is malfunctioning. Our HVAC technician will examine the system to determine where the problem lies and how best to fix it. Once you authorize the repairs, they do the work so your home will be cool and comfortable again. 

Temperatures in Surprise, Arizona climb above the century mark frequently. To ensure the system operates properly, we now offer Sensi Predict. When our technician arrives at your home to complete the air conditioner repair, ask about this technology and how it may be of benefit to you. 

Repair or Replace?

The time will come when the HVAC system needs to be replaced. Don’t worry when this day arrives. Our HVAC team handles AC installation jobs in addition to repairs and maintenance. 

When determining if the time has come to replace your HVAC system in Surprise, consider the age of the unit. Thanks to advances in technology, many homeowners find they should replace their system every ten years even if the system continues to operate properly. Doing so allows them to save on their energy bills every month. 

The cost of the repair is another factor to consider when determining whether to repair or replace the unit. One rule of thumb the homeowner may wish to use when making this determination is the 5,000 rule.

Take the age of the unit and multiply it by the cost of the repair. If the resulting figure is more than $5,000, replace the unit. Otherwise, repair it. Contact us about your AC installation, and we’ll be happy to help.

Mini-Split Systems

Before installing a conventional HVAC system, consider ductless air conditioning. Mini-split systems take less time to install. However, that’s only one benefit of choosing this option. 

Each room receives its own unit, which means the occupants of the room determine the temperature. This helps to ensure their comfort. It likewise increases the energy efficiency of the home, as unused rooms won’t be cooled. 

These systems require minimal maintenance. In addition, air quality in the home improves with the use of this system. There is no ductwork where pollutants, mold, and mildew may accumulate and spread throughout the home. 

Call us for your HVAC needs in Surprise, Arizona. We help clients maintain and repair existing systems and install new ones when needed. All you need to do is ask, and we’ll arrive at your house to help you in no time at all.