Water Heater Repair in Peoria, AZ

You hop in the shower to get ready for work, and the water is icy cold. The likely culprit is your water heater, and you won’t want to wait long for water heater repair. When the water heater stops working, you won’t have the hot water needed for bathing, cleaning, and other tasks around the house, so a call to a water heater plumber is needed. If you’re having any issues with the water heater in your home, call State 48 Home Services right away. 

Signs the Water Heater is Having Issues

Water heaters are relatively simple plumbing appliances, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to work without any issues. Eventually, something will break, and you’ll need water heater repair. Some of the top signs of an issue include the following. 

Strange Noises

If the water heater is making any odd noises, it’s a sign that something is wrong. It could be a buildup of sediment in the bottom or a part that has come loose, but no matter what the cause is, you’ll want to call for hot water heater repair right away. 

Discolored Water

If the water is discolored, especially if it has a red hue, it’s likely that there is a buildup of rust or sediment in the water heater. This could lead to a leak, so it’s a good idea to call for help right away. 


Even a few drops of water escaping the water heater are an issue. If there are any signs of a leak, it’s better to call for a gas, or electric water heater repair, as the issue will just become worse and cause more damage over time. 

Little Hot Water

If the water doesn’t stay hot as long as it used to, or if there is no hot water in the home, call for a water heater repair service right away. The issue could be minor or serious, but regardless, it’s something that needs to be handled quickly to restore hot water to your home. 

Can the Water Heater be Repaired?

Most of the time, a water heater repair service will be sufficient to get hot water to your home again. Components like a broken thermostat or heating element can be replaced, and some small leaks can be repaired, depending on where they’re located. In some cases, though, a gas or electric water heater repair won’t be enough.

If there is a major leak, an electric, or gas water heater repair may not be enough to get it working again. If the repair isn’t enough, we can talk to you about the options for replacement and help you find the right unit for your home. We can also make sure the installation is done quickly, so you don’t have to go long without hot water. 

When are Repairs Emergencies?

Is a water heater repair automatically an emergency? Often, the hot water heater repair can wait for the next day. A lack of hot water can be problematic, but it’s not always an emergency. If there is a major leak, the potential for something more serious to happen, or other severe issues, though, you may need an emergency water heater repair. It’s always better to call for an emergency water heater repair and ask, just in case it needs to be fixed immediately, than to wait and hope the issue doesn’t get worse. 

Call for Expert Water Heater Repair

When you try to use the hot water in your home, and it doesn’t get hot, it’s time to call for water heater repair. We can help with gas water heater repair and electric water heater repair, depending on the type of water heater in your home. We can help with emergency situations, too, and will likely be able to repair the water heater to get it going again as fast as possible. Simply let our team know what’s happening, and we’ll get to work fixing it for you. You don’t want to hop in the shower just to find out there isn’t any hot water in the home. If your water heater is experiencing any issues, you’ll want to have the water heater repair done fast. We can send a water heater plumber to your home at any time to fix the issue and get hot water back in your home. Contact State 48 Home Services now if you’ve noticed any issues with your water heater so we can make sure it’s fixed fast and safe to use.