Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation in Peoria, Arizona

Super high efficiency inverter AC technology is here. Most of us know it as “ductless mini-split” technology. These sleek and compact systems can cool and heat any room, any garage, or even an entire home. They have been in wide use in other parts of the world for decades. Here in the United States, the trend is only just beginning. These systems often achieve SEER ratings above 20-SEER and they provide amazing comfort with little or no noise. The best part is these systems can be (and are usually) installed where conventional AC systems have fallen short. These systems are ideal for hard to comfort bedrooms, living rooms, Arizona Rooms, or garages. Yes, garages.

Most ductless mini-split customers enjoy one or more or all of these benefits:

  • Reliable and easy to operate super high efficiency cooling and heating.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • No need to install old fashioned ductwork.
  • Increased indoor air quality.
  • A smaller carbon footprint.

Affordable and Responsible Ductless AC Installation

We will work with you to find a ductless mini-split solution that can supplement your central AC system or replace it entirely and match you with the best financing option to fit your needs.

How Ductless Mini-Splits Work

So how is it that a ductless mini-split can avoid the energy waste that hampers most conventional ducted systems? Ductless mini-split systems consist of an outdoor inverter condensing unit and an indoor air handler.. These two components are connected by a properly sized copper refrigerant line set. Cold or warm air (depending on the season) is created and delivered to a conditioned space immediately at the source without having to travel the long and winding and inefficient path through a conventional duct system. A ductless air conditioner actually creates more energy than it consumes, keeping your home comfortable all year round while using much less energy. 

For One Room, or the Whole Home

A ductless mini-split system can be installed directly into the room that needs additional cooling. This is particularly useful in areas like:

  • Arizona Rooms
  • She Sheds
  • Additions 
  • Areas not included in the original ductwork
  • Garages

From Chandler to Cave Creek, our ductless mini-split customers love what State 48 Home Services was able to do to bring comfort to the trickiest spots in their homes.

Looking to use less energy, but keep your home nice and cool? Ask State 48 Home Services about a ductless mini-split systems installation today. Call us at (623) 236-5086 or send us a message here: