Air Conditioning Services in Peoria, Arizona

No matter the task at-hand, we work very carefully and very smart everyday to make sure the trust you put in us as your contractor is invested wisely. No task is more important to us than getting your summer AC needs met quickly and affordably. Tell us what you need. We’ll listen to you and make recommendations based on your own unique situation. As a trusted and reliable HVAC company, we are driven to get things right for you – in your home, the first time. Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioning services or to schedule service.

Cooling Conundrum: To Repair or Replace Your AC?

We get it. Replacing your AC is a major home improvement that few people think to plan for. The good news is not every poor-performing AC system demands to be replaced right away. In fact, sometimes a little professional TLC by a highly-skilled and trained certified HVAC technician is the only thing needed to restore a system to proper and efficient operation.

On the other hand, few machines are designed to last forever. The components in your HVAC system are no exception. The average length of the air conditioning season for homes in the United States is three months. The average length for the same season in the Arizona desert is eight months. From Tempe to Tonopah and from New River to Old Town Scottsdale, our AC systems are under constant stress to meet our excessive demands.

If your air conditioner is:

  • More than ten years old or
  • In need two or more $300 repairs per year or
  • Getting noisier every month or
  • Directly responsible for runaway SRP or APS summertime bills …

… try to take some time to consider the advantages that a new, modern, quiet, efficient AC system could provide you and your family.

Arizona’s Rheem AC Experts

One of our favorite articles on the Internet is the one which speaks to the critical importance of the right AC installation. This report is so prevalent, most homeowners even know that “up to 40% of HVAC systems in the United States are installed incorrectly every year.” No matter what we install for you, we install it to exceed all manufacturers’ specifications and industry best practices. Our attention to every step of the installation process is a hallmark of how we do things. It’s the way we were trained. It’s one of the reasons why we love what we do.

We install various different equipment brands, including Trane, American Standard, Goodman, York, Fujitsu, Bosch, and Rheem. We’ve been designated by Rheem as an official PRO PARTNER. This means that the level of access and support Rheem provides us as we serve our customers is second to none in our marketplace. Rheem and the Rheem distribution network allows us to offer features and benefits that give our customers 100% confidence in their HVAC investment.

The Benefits of Proper AC Maintenance

Our commitment to keeping you comfortable doesn’t stop once a new installation occurs flawlessly and on time. Routine professional maintenance of your new AC system is something that we are happy to provide and it’s something that most manufacturers require for the sake of warranty coverage. In addition, the right annual service of an older system could help you extend the useful life of something you’re just not ready or able to replace.

State 48 Home Services introduces HVAC Smart Maintenance. What if your AC maintenance technician could leave his or her gauges and instruments connected to the proper ports on your AC system even after he or she leaves your house? And what if the information collected 24/7 by those gauges and instruments could be translated into reliable and manageable data that can be used to predict component failure in your AC system? And what if you and your contractor could be alerted to those predictions in real time so that catastrophic disasters could be avoided by making smaller, less expensive repairs first? Emerson, the makers of the Copeland Scroll compressor, lead the way in HVAC Smart Maintenance. State 48 Home Services is proud to partner with Emerson to deploy Sensi Predict to homes throughout the Phoenix area. We can’t wait to discuss it with you.

Tired of worrying about your air conditioner failing? Ask State 48 Home Services about HVAC Smart Maintenance with the Sensi Predict by calling (623) 236-5086 or send us a message here: