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Find out More About Insulation Services in the Phoenix Area

It is easy to underestimate the effect of a proper insulation application, especially in warmer climate areas like Peoria, Arizona and the entire West Valley. Most people, especially those who come to Arizona from cooler origins, think insulation is important only when trying to keep heat inside the home for a more comfortable winter. The reality is a quality insulation upgrade can improve summer efficiency and comfort inside the home by up to 25%!

Here in the desert, a properly insulated home will offer many benefits, including:

  • More consistent indoor temperatures
  • Fewer indoor drafts
  • Less wear and tear on your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump
  • Lower heating and cooling costs

Insulation Keeps Arizona Homes Cooler and Warmer

The insulation in your attic and walls slows down the transfer of heat between your home and the outside. When the sun is beating down on your roof in the warmer months, insulation keeps the heat out. When wintertime evening temperatures drop into the 40’s and 30’s, insulation helps to keep the heat in.

Insulation prevents energy loss and keeps you and your family more comfortable throughout the entire year by maximizing the effectiveness of your air conditioner, furnace, or ductless mini split.

AeroSeal Eliminates Duct Leaks

The ductwork (or air distribution and return system) connected to your heating and cooling equipment is just as important as the air conditioner and furnace themselves. Your ductwork delivers the conditioned air you need to the right areas and returns the stale air back to start the process all over again. Leaks in the ductwork caused by your house settling, gaps in the ductwork caused by neglect, and overall low performance of the ductwork caused by poor workmanship can render a ductwork system weak and, in some cases, completely ineffective. If you suspect that your ductwork is letting you down, consider having it inspected by State 48 Home Services as soon as possible.

How AeroSeal Duct Sealing Works

Other methods of sealing ductwork start from the outside. Holes are plugged on the external surface of the ductwork which is an extremely labor-intensive process that can take much longer to complete and is susceptible to missed leaks and gaps. A person can only manually seal a duct void that he or she can physically reach, a task usually always very difficult in our tough attic conditions.

AeroSeal works differently, by sealing the ductwork from the inside. 

Once the total leakage has been measured using a diagnostic fan to pressurize your ductwork, we introduce the aerosol sealant product (AeroSeal) into the ducts. This aerosolized sealant clings to any void or gap inside the ductwork and hardens to provide a strong, lasting, airtight seal. Not only does this keep your conditioned air inside the ductwork, it also prevents outside contaminants from infiltrating it. Dust, mold, bacteria, and other allergens are restricted from entering the air you breathe.

The Benefits We See From AeroSeal

No two homes are exactly alike, and the benefits a home will experience from AeroSeal will vary; however, with fewer leaks in your ductwork, everyone can expect:

  • Less dust in the home
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • A more comfortable home
  • Cleaner air to breathe

Is your home more than 20 years old? Chances are, your ductwork is not up to today’s standards and could benefit from a proper sealing. Homes throughout the Valley of Sun, from Anthem to Arcadia, and from Sun City to Sun Lakes usually benefit from the high tech AeroSeal treatment.

Ask State 48 Home Services About AeroSeal For Your Home

Whether your HVAC system is brand new or several decades old, AeroSeal could be the right thing to do to your home. If your HVAC system is in the attic or on your roof or in your garage, the AeroSeal system can be very effective in helping you to get more comfortable in your home, save a little on your APS or SRP bill, and reduce the dust you see on your furniture and fixtures. AeroSeal is not for everyone. Results vary, but we would be more than happy to speak with you more about the treatment as an option for you and your family.

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Not sure what is keeping your home from true comfort? Ask State 48 Home Services if AeroSeal is right for your home. Call (623) 236-5086 or send us a message here: